Payments & Fees

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WHC accepts cash, credit cards (Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard), debit cards and insurance.  Many insurance providers may, or may not  provide abortion coverage, or only provide a portion of the payment, such as lab work.  Please check your policy as each insurance provider varies.  WHC accepts Medica, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Blue Plus, First Plan, UCare, IM CARE, Medical Assistance (surgical abortion only) and United Health Care.  This list changes, so if your insurance provider is not on this list call WHC to inquire.  WHC cannot accept personal checks.

If you are uninsured, there may be funding available to help pay for your abortion.  Please call WHC staff for further information about special funding options and to receive contact information.


All prices include the Minnesota Care Tax.

Pregnancy Termination Fees



In-Clinic Abortion 
11 Weeks or less$675.00
12-13 Weeks$719.00
14 Weeks$846.50
15-16 Weeks$974.00
Medical Abortion(up to 63 days)$675.00
If your blood type is Rh negative there is an additional charge for Rhogam
Rhogam Mini Dose$50.00
Rhogam Full Dose$132.60
Rhogam for MN MA Clients (Medical Assistance will only pay for Hyper Rho)
Hyper Rho
Mini Dose
Full Dose$132.60
Options Education$25.50


Gynecological Care Fees


Annual Exam with pap smear$122.40
Annual Exam with Depo$244.80
Well Woman Visit$122.40
Birth Control Evaluation$25.50
Nurse Visit$40.80
M. D. Visit$51.00
***Condyloma (venereal warts)$45.90
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Office Visit$96.90
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea testing at time of abortion$61.20
***Additional Charge for Nurse of M.D. Visit


 Laboratory Service Fees


Pap Smear$35.00
*HIV Test (Blood)$40.80
***Herpes Test$91.80
Wet Smear$20.40
*Beta HCG Pregnancy Test (Blood)$30.60
Sensitive Pregnancy Test (Urine)$30.60
45 Day Urine Pregnancy Test FREE
*Additional Drawing Fee$10.20
***Additional Charge for Nurse or MD Visit


Contraceptives & Emergency Contraception Fees


Paragard IUD and Insertion
(STI & Pregnancy testing additional)
Mirena IUD and Insertion
(STI & Pregnancy testing additional)
IUD Removal$153.00
Nexplanon and Insertion$1,030.20
Nexplanon Removal$153.00
Depo & Office Visit$173.40
Depo at time of abortion ( Depo-$153; Injection Fee-$51.00$158.10
Oral Contraceptives$15.30 - $290.70
Ortho Evra (1 cycle)not available
Nuva Ring (1 cycle)$40.80
Emergency Contraception (Plan B)$40.80
Emergency Contraception (Generic)$25.50
Condoms (5)$1.02