Minnesota 24 Hour Waiting

Minnesota 24 Hour Waiting Period Information

In July of 2003, Minnesota passed a law affecting any woman seeking an abortion in Minnesota, Minnesota Statutes 145.4241-145.4249; known as “The Woman’s Right to Know Act”. This law requires her to receive certain information from a licensed physician a minimum of 24 hours prior to her procedure.  Women’s Health Center provides this information over the telephone at no cost to the patient.  The information is typically five minutes in length, but may run longer depending on questions the patient might ask.  The patient must be available at the time Women’s Health Center staff schedules this physician phone call, because if the patient does not receive this information 24 hours prior to her abortion appointment, her appointment will be cancelled.   

According to the Minnesota law, the information will cover the following information with the patient:

  • The approximate gestational age of the pregnancy will be based on the date of last menstrual period as provided by the patient.
  • The medical risks associated with carrying a child to term
  • The medical risks associated with the particular abortion procedure.

Patients are also offered detailed information available in printed form or on the Minnesota Department of Health website.  Patients who do not have internet access, may request this information be sent via certified mail.  Patients requesting this information by certified mail must be present to receive and sign for the envelope. This  written information does not replace the required physician phone call 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Do not miss this call.