Locations, Directions & Parking

32 East 1st Street

If you have an appointment at Women’s Health Center, we are located on the 3rd Floor of

The Building for Women.

See Above.  This is what we look like

(note: flags are down for repair currently)

We are not the Woman’s Care Center – kitty-corner from the BFW – They are an anti-choice organization. Please beware that if you accidentally walk into their facility, they will not tell you you are at the wrong place! We have had several reports of this!  They have even misled callers to direct them to their clinic when they know they are looking for Women’s Health Center.  We have also had reports from clients that if you do mistakenly walk in thinking you are at Women’s Health Center, give your name and say you have an appointment, they will act as if you have an appointment with them, lead you inside where, as relayed by clients, medically inaccurate information was given. This is very typical of a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). If you would like more information on how Crisis Pregnancy Centers work  please visit ProChoiceAmerica.org  


Please call if you have any difficulty finding the Building for Women.

Women’s Health Center of Duluth: (218) 727-3352


Women’s Health Center is located  on the 3rd floor of the Building for Women on the corner of 1st Street and 1st Ave. East.  Parking is available in the Technology Village ramp off 1st Street which is located right next to the Building for Women.  Your car will be towed if you park in the private lot behind the Building for Women.



When traveling on Hwy 53 South:

  • Hwy 53 meets Central Entrance by the Miller Hill Mall.  Continue straight on Central Entrance, past CUB Foods, McDonalds and Central High School, stay in the right lane until you reach Mesaba Ave at the lights.  The Copper Top Church should be kiddie corner accross Mesaba Ave.
  • Turn right onto Mesaba Avenue.
  • Take an immediate left onto 1st Ave East.  Continue on 1st Ave East to the bottom of the hill.
  • The Building for Women will be in front of you, across the street on the right corner when you reach 1st Street, a one way going west.

When traveling on I-35 North or Wisconsin:

  • Exit I-35 at the Lake Ave. exit and turn left onto Lake Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Superior Street, go 1 block.
  • Turn left onto 1st Avenue East, go 1 block.
  • Turn left onto 1st Street.  The Building for Women is the first building on the lower corner, across from the liquor store.

When traveling from the North Shore:

  • I-35 South to Lake Avenue exit.
  • Turn right onto Lake Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Superior Street, go 1 block.
  • Turn left onto 1st Ave East, go 1 block.
  • Turn left onto 1st Street.  The Building for Women is the first building on the lower corner, across from the liquor store.

*NOTE: Protestors may be present

You may encounter protestors as you approach the clinic.  They are not allowed to block your entrance, touch you or talk to you after you tell them not to.  There will be WHC volunteers to greet you, please tell them if you have any difficulties with the protestors.


Please see Building for Women location map:  Building for Women Map